Quick Tips on Teaching Your Kids Frugality

Frugality is one quality that we must teach our kids. It's quite difficult to acquire in this age of consumerism. So, it is best to model it and guide our kids in practicing it. Here are some great ideas on jump starting this task.

Instill simplicity in their hearts - Simplicity is best shown in one's lifestyle. Love the simple things through which you can spend time with your kids. You will be surprised to know that kids will enjoy a simple stroll in the park so long as they stroll along with you.

Have the habit of buying less - By having less things in life, you're less likely to be wasteful. Buy only what you need and let your kids know about this practice. Encourage them to recycle or re-purpose any item they have that can still be used as something else. For example, show them how you can create flower pots out of plastic containers. Apart from avoiding wastes, this will spark creativity among your kids.

Teach how money works in the real world - Instead of explaining how money is spent, it is best for you to start explaining how money is earned. Let your kids know how many hours you spend at work and away from them just to earn such amount. When kids understand the hardships you go through, it will be easier for them to value money and spend it wisely.

Get them to love work/working early in life - Explain to your kids why they must anticipate work and not dread it. As you do the explanation, model how you love working as part of your everyday life. Work is the opportunity to earn money, provide for your needs and hone your abilities. Apart from studying faithfully, assign house chores to your kids. Make sure though that they are age appropriate. With this, they will be trained to love work and its benefits.

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